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      Juan Fernando Jimenez

      MBA, Harvard Business School
      BBA, Universidad De Los Andes

      I am a former Assistant Director of Harvard Business School's MBA Admissions Board. As a member of the Board of Admissions at HBS I was part of the team that reviewed over 10,000 applications per year and selected the 900 members of each HBS MBA Class. Additionally I was responsible of our outreach efforts to underrepresented minorities, and our marketing efforts in Europe and Latin America.

      As an MBA graduate myself, I am passionate about encouraging others to pursue this professional and personal challenge and to question the paradigms that keep them from going beyond their comfort zone. As a Harvard alumnus I have been active in my local community, and during the past seven years I have led, and been part of alumni organizations in the country, regionally and university wide. I have met, mentored, and worked with a wide range of folks interested in business and Harvard. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

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