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      Nicholas Strohl

      PhD, History and Educational Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

      MPhil, Education, University of Cambridge
      BA, History, Yale University

      I am a Former Admissions Officer from Yale University, where I read thousands of applications for admission, traveled the country to speak with students applying to college, and sat on the committee that made the final admissions decision. I also managed the on-campus Senior Interviewer program, in which I trained and supervised Yale undergraduates who met with prospective applicants.

      In addition to my admissions experience, I have worked as a teacher and advisor at a boarding school, where I taught history, economics, and world literature, and talked with students who were in the process of applying to a wide range of selective colleges. I also worked as an academic advisor at a major public research university, assisting undergraduates in exploring majors, developing academic and professional skills, and preparing to apply to jobs and graduate school. I enjoy helping students put their best foot forward in an application, and in finding the school or program which is the best fit for their interests.

      I received a PhD in History and Educational Policy Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I currently teach courses on the history of education and education policy.?In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

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